Academic Expectations
Basketball is a privilege that is earned not a right. It is privilege that is earned by following the academics expectations of this school. Your top priority is give your best effort to your academics responsibilities. I understand that not all subjects will be easy and you may struggle at times. But then I expect you seek help from your teachers before you get to the point of having to deal with the following situations.

  • Any players with failing grades will not be allowed to practice or play games until grades are up. You will be expected to meet with teachers until grades are up. I have instructed teachers to email once your grades are up so you can get back to practice. 
  • Any player that has missing work and I have been notified by a teacher, you will not be allowed to practice until the work is turned in. Teachers will  send me an email when you have completed your work so they can return to practice.
  • Any player whose behavior is disrespectful or inappropriate in the classroom will not be allowed to practice or play games until you have resolved the problem with your teacher.
I will be conducting grades checks every 2 weeks. You are to give the grade sheets to your teachers to fill in your present grade and any comments they have. You must return the grade sheet within 2 days.