COVID Guidelines and Protocols
  • Participation in MSHSL activities is voluntary.
  • While participating in MSHSL activities, all laws as well as MSHSL and school rules, guidelines, and protocols related to COVID-19 must be followed.
  • Due to the contagious nature of COVID-19, participants acknowledges and understands that there is a risk of injury and/or illness from participating in MSHSL activities, including the risk to have direct or indirect contact with individuals who have been exposed to and/or diagnosed with COVID-19.
                            Diagnosed with COVID Protocols
  • Player diagnosed with COVID-19 will be required to quarantine for 7-10 days from time of contraction.
  • After the period of quarantine, player will be required to go through a return to play protocol for 7-14 days under the supervision of doctor/physical therapist.
  • Player will only be allowed to play only after a doctor has signed off on the return to play protocol.
                              CLOSE CONTACT Protocol
  • Players in close contact with positive case of COVID will be required for 14 days from time of contact.
  • After the 14 days, the player will be allowed to return to play.