Lead-in-Water Annual Notification

Minnesota Statute 121A.335 requires public school buildings serving pre-kindergarten through grade 12 to test for lead in water every 5 years. This statute also requires schools districts to make the results of the testing available to the public for review and notify parent of the availability of the information. Notification may be accomplished by publishing a statement in the “Back to School” newsletter or another publication that is available to staff, students, parents and the public. Pipestone Area Schools have historically conducted and continues to conduct Lead in Drinking Water testing per the Minnesota Department of Health guidelines.

Pipestone Area Schools are committed to providing a safe working and learning environment for employees and students. The district has developed a Lead in Water management plan and testing program that complies with the Minnesota Statute 121A.335, as well as Minnesota Department of Health (MDH), and Minnesota Department of Education (MDE)

For more information on Pipestone Area School’s lead reduction program and testing results, please contact Main Office at 507-825-5861.