Southwest Crisis Center

Call: 800-376-4311
Text: 218-666-teen

1. Text "MN" to 741 741
2. Wait for a trained counselor to respond to your text.
3. Respond to the counselor, starting the conversation about what you are concerned about.
*TXT4Life hours are 12 p.m.-3 a.m. Central Standard Time. If you text us outside of those hours, they will respond when the text center opens.


National Safety Council
(Ph): 800-621-7619

Suicide Hotline
(Ph): 800-992-1716

Child Help National Abuse Hotline
(Ph): 800-442-4453

Youth Crisis Hotline
(Ph): 800-448-4663


Counseling/Support Groups
Southwestern Mental Health Center
(Ph): 507-825-5888

Southwest Crisis Center
(Ph): 507-825-5688

Lutheran Social Services
(Ph): 507-836-8291


Food and Nutrition
Food Shelf
(Ph): 507-825-6720

WIC (Women, Infants, Children)
(Ph): 507-825-5024


Clothing/Other Needs
Volunteers in Mercy
(Ph): 507-215-0155


Southwestern Minnesota Opportunity Council
(Ph): 507-376-4195

Housing and Redevelopment:
(Ph): 507-825-2558


Family Planning/Pregnancy Education
Pipestone County Medical Center
(Ph): 507-825-5811

Southwestern Minnesota Opportunity Council (SMOC)
(Ph): 507-376-4195

Southwest Health and Human Services - Public Health
(Ph): 507-825-5024


Parenting Information
Family Education (ECFE)
(Ph): 507-825-5861

(Ph:) 507-825-4347

Pipestone Community Library
(Ph): 507-825-5005