Southwest Crisis Center

Mission: Our mission is to end domestic and sexual vioilence and exploitation of all youth. We seek to empower and support youth in their healing, safety, rights and automomy while working to positively change the culture and society that surround youth every day. 

Advocacy and Services
  • Support Groups/Events:Gather with other youth for encouragement, food, and fun.
  • Medical Advocacy: Support during emergency care or a sexual assault exam.
  • Criminal Justice: Adcocacey before, during, and after court proceedings with law enforcement and attorneys.
  • Civil Legal: Help fililing orders for protection or harrassment restraining order.
  • Safe Housing: Provide short term emergency housing for 18-24 year olds.
  • Personal Advocacy: Providing emotional support, encouragement and referrals.
  • Safety Planning: Preparing for situations you may find yourself in and safety planning

  • Healthy vs unhealthy relationships
  • Sexual assault awareness
  • Technology and harrasment
  • Bystander intervention
  • Sexual exploration and trafficking
  • Media and cultural influences
  • Understanding forms of harassment

Training for Adults
  • Workshopts lead by SWCC staff about advocating for your students, prevention of sexual violence and services for at-risk youth. Conact SWCC for more details. 

The Southwest Crisis Center provies services for youth up to 24 years old who are at risk or have experienced any form of domestic violence, sexual assault, sexual exploitation, or human trafficking in the Southwest Minnesota area. 
Contact Information: 
Call: 800-376-4311
Text: 218-666-teen