PAS District Technology Plan

The Pipestone Area Schools Technology Plan has been developed to help guide the school district’s implementation of technology to enhance student learning and teacher effectiveness.  This summary highlights the mission and belief of technology in the district and the goals and those responsible for implementation.

District Learning Goal 1:  High Academic Achievement for Each Learner
  • High Tech
    • Provide tools to staff and students.
    • Develop and Communicate a plan for use and support in the classroom.
    • Provide resources for infrastructure and support of technology
District Technology Mission
  • Pipestone Area School District will integrate technology in support of the district’s learning goals through providing effective, rigorous, and innovative learning experiences to enable all students to succeed in the global community.
  • support the successful application of knowledge, tools, and skills to extend academic and occupational capabilities to ensure success in the workplace and world beyond school.
  • help teachers to facilitate learning in an environment where students are active participants in what and how they learn by promoting communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity.
  • provide more opportunities for more personalized and differentiated learning.
  • provide teachers, students, administrators, parents, and other community members with a means of communication and information sharing that will improve administrative efficiency and foster a sense of community for all.
  • enhance staff and student productivity.
  • encourage the use of new and emerging technologies to support learning.

Categories and Goals
  1. Learning
  2. Teaching/Professional Development
  3. Instructional Applications/Resources
  4. Digital Citizenship
  5. Leadership
  6. Assessment/Evaluation
  7. Support/Management/Operations
  8. Infrastructure/Hardware/Access
  9. Budget
  10. Communication
  11. Policies/Procedures