Dojo1st Grade Parents & Students:

This year, I am using a classroom management tool called ClassDojo. ClassDojo is a web based program which allows teachers to track students’ behaviors (positive AND negative) easily and efficiently. The program is based on points, and students can be given positive points for things like being on task, being respectful, participating, or working hard. On the other hand, points can be taken away for things like being off task, talking, or bullying.!

Dojo 2After students have been added to the system, there is a student access code I will give to each student/parent so that they can log on to the website. On the site, they are able to see how many points they have, which positive behaviors were noted, and which negative behaviors they need to work on. Parents and students will only be able to see their own behaviors. Everyone’s information will be private, so you do not have to worry about anyone else seeing your child’s behaviors. Students will be able to “cash in” on their points for different prizes and coupons.

 All you need to do is use the parent access code to get signed up. My hope is that this will help you better understand the progress of your student’s behavior on a daily basis. I will also have students fill out a behavior chart daily. This will always go home in the “right back to school” side of their take home folder within their OWL binder.

The great thing about this program is there is an app for that! I have the app on my phone and ipad so I will be able to monitor behaviors in the hall, lunch room, field trips etc. Positive and negative awards will be awarded everywhere we go. I will be giving out a LOT more positive awards than negative. I am always looking for students that are doing their best.

Please contact me if you have any questions!

 ~Ms. Farrell
825-6756 ext. 4110