Who are Title One Students? Who are Title One Students?

They are students who will succeed when given some extra instruction. These students are identified by their classroom teachers as needing additional help in reading and/or math based on their test scores and classroom performance. Students may receive instruction individually or within a small group. Instruction may be given by the Reading Specialist or by the Title 1 Para-professional.
How Are Parents Involved?
*Parents are notified of their child's eligibility for and participation in Title 1.
*Parents listen to their child read and do individual assignments.
*Parents are encouraged to participate in Title 1 meetings and learning opportunities.
*Parents are invited to be a part of the Title 1 Parent Advisory Council.
What Can Parents Do?
*Share a love of learning and set a good example by reading and writing. ( make lists, write letters,...)
*Make learning fun by playing educational games, visiting the library, listening to and talking with your child to increase their vocabulary.
*Show an interest in your child's school day. Look in their school bags and talk about their work. Ask specific questions and praise their efforts and improvements.