Your child will replace pages in the star binder at different times through out the school year. Homework is not required, but highly encouraged!

1)Reading Overview – This is an overview of what we are doing in reading during our 5 day cycle. Reading will be different this year as we will not be switching lessons every week, but we will be doing a 5 day cycle. This means spelling tests won’t always be on Fridays. Check the star binder to see when these things happen. I will also use Remind to notify you of things.

2)Spelling – We will be working on spelling during school. This is for your information if you would like to work on it at home as well. This will be changed out every 5 days as well.

3)Reading Log – This reading log will be switched out monthly. Read 225 minutes during the month and receive a Pizza Ranch Coupon if you turn it in.

4)Math Game – This will correlate with what we are learning in math at school. This will be changed out every time we switch a topic after we have a test. This is not required, but a great way to practice our math skills!

5)Passwords – They will soon get a sheet with passwords of educational websites that they can access at home for additional practice.

6)Specials Schedule – Our specials schedule will also be included so you are  aware of the specials we have on each day.

7)Behavior Log – This will be switched our every week. This is where students record how their day went, if they lost a gold tag, and why.



Text: 81010

Message: @missgop



Throughout the year book orders will be sent home approximately one time per month. You are under NO obligation to purchase any books.

If you are interested, you can order books in two ways:

  1. Fill out the form on the back of the book border and send it back to school with your child. Please make checks payable to “Scholastic Book Clubs”. Please do not send cash.
  2. You can order online with a credit card. You will need to set up an account at club. Our class code is: Q2P63. After you submit an order I will receive an email and will place the order with the rest of the class orders. Your child’s books will be delivered to me at school.




I will be using a whole class reward system. The class is able to earn tallies (or I can earn tallies) depending on their behavior as a class. At the end of the day, if the students have more tallies than me (which is what we want) they will earn a piece to something. Once they earn all of the pieces, the class earns a reward! We will vote on the reward as a class.

I will also be using an individual reward system. They are called gold tags. Students can earn gold tags for good behavior (great choices, kinds words, a good attitude, participation, etc.) Students can also lose gold tags. At the end of the week we will use our gold tags for Friday Fun. We will have about 20 minutes of Friday Fun. The student with the most gold tags chooses their activity first and so on.



The office phone number is: 825-6763

Kristie’s email is:

My email is: (The best way to contact me)

Your child’s binder is also a way to communicate with me. If your child has an appointment you may send a note prior to that day or give Kristie in the office a call. You may also send a note if your child has a change of transportation after school. If your child is sick please call Kristie in the office right away.

I also use remind, so please sign up! I will send out reminders through this and it is an easy way to communicate.


If your child would like to bring treats on their birthday to share with the class, they may, but do not have to. If they choose to bring something, the treat needs to be purchased at a store. No homemade items are allowed to be brought in due to food allergies. If your child has a summer birthday we will celebrate their half-birthday at school. As of right now we have 22 students in our class.



Third grade is the first year with letter grades. Here is the grading scale.

A+     100

A    99-95

A-   94-93

B+  91-89

B    88-86

B-   85-83

C+  82-80

C    79-77

C-   76-74

D+ 73-71

D   70-68

D-  67-65

F     64-0