photo Mrs. Nancy Stiles

Hometown: Sioux Falls, SD
High School: Washington Senior High 
    (now the Washington Pavilion)
College: University of South Dakota, 1993
Family: Husband: Mike
      Children: Kira, Rachel and Isaac
Interests: reading, singing, traveling,      
      spending time with family
Schedule 1st semester 2017-2018:
          1st Period--8th grade math
          2nd Period--7th grade math
          3rd Period--7th grade math
          4th Period--lunch
          5th Period--study hall
          6th Period--7th grade math
          7th Period-- 7th grade math
Name:  Mrs. Stiles
Grade/Subject:  7th and 8th Grade Math
Room No.:  2162
Ph:  825-5861 ext 6137