Spain_Flag Name : Jaime Danks
Grade/Subject : Spanish 9-12
Room No. : 2108
Email : jaime.danks@pas.k12.mn.us
Ph : 507.825.5861 ext 6059 or 507-476-1597
2016-2017 Schedule
1st Hour - Spanish 2
3rd Hour - Study Hall
4th Hour - Spanish 1
5th Hour - Spanish 2
6th Hour - Spanish 1
7th Hour - Spanish 3/4

Class Lesson Plans (Find Morphemes Here)
Schoology (Find Extra Practice Here - quizlet)
Google Drive (Find Vocabulary Lists Here) 
Google Classroom  
Need more participation points?  The following list is 250 words that you could replace "went" with.  Chose 5 words from the following list and answer the question on Google Classroom.  You will receive 5 points for doing this.  You will also be entered in a drawing for an extra 10 participation points.  Remember that learning the Super 7 Verbs helps us because we can replace almost anything we want to say with one of the seven.  For example, any of the 250 words on the list you could replace with "fue a" in Spanish. That's one word with 250 options!  --This offer expired 12.10.16. ¡Felicidades a Paca Gorter para ganar 10 puntos más!

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Students please join my Google Classroom.  To do this you need to log into Google using your pipestonearrows.net email address. Then you will go to classroom.google.com.  You will then need to join the appropriate class using the code below.  
Spanish Two 1st hour - n2ust6m
Spanish Two 5th hour - 0wvm4a1
Spanish One 4th hour - xa1hu0
Spanish One 6th hour - s89q1l