Bullying I am working in the school to provide preventative methods against bullying as well as intervening when needed. I am available to provide resources to parents and teachers as well as talk to students individually or in groups about bullying.
Character Education Each classroom receives two 30-minute sessions of Character Education lessons a month. Lessons cover a wide range of age-specific areas including friendship, respect, and bullying. Lessons may include books, artwork, acting, and games.
Crisis Management I am available to help individuals and families in crisis events.
Groups This includes working with a group of students on various topics such as handling emotions, anger management, and self-esteem.
IEP Teams A part of my position is work with students on IEPs as well as coordinating services with other team IEP team members.
Individual Skill Building I can provide one-on-one time with students who may be going through a difficult time emotionally, displaying behavioral problems, or simply needing someone to talk to.
Parenting We will run Love and Logic Sessions one time a year. Dates will be announced beforehand. Resources are also available on parenting skills and lessons.
Referrals I am available to connect parents and students to resources at school and in the community.
Truancy I am responsible for tracking attendance and working with students and families with truancy concerns.
504 Plans I am responsible for writing and coordinating 504 plans at the elementary level.

These are a few examples of how social work can improve the environment to improve your child's learning outcomes. Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions!

 "Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them." - James Baldwin