College and Career Readiness Options for Students at PAS

While in High School, 10-12th grade students have the opportunity to take college level courses and earn college level credit while also meeting the credit requirements at Pipestone Area High School.  Students must meet entrance and grade requirements of all institutions involved.
  1. Post Secondary Enrollment Option.  The state allows students to take courses via Post Secondary Enrollment Option (PSEO).  These courses are taken at a State University or Technical College.  The courses count for both high school credit and college credit.  Some PSEO courses are offered online.  PSEO courses are free and transportation dollars are available.  
    Concurrent Enrollment.  Students qualify for and take college courses delivered through PAS teachers on the PAS campus.  PAS works with MN West (REACH), SMSU College Now (CN) and the University of Minnesota’s College in the Schools (CIS) programs for concurrent enrollment.
What can students do with their post-secondary credits?
  1. Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC).   As students earn credit at a post-secondary level, they may work toward meeting the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC) in association with MN West Community and Technical College.  The MnTC is a way for students to transfer their general education coursework to any Minnesota public baccalaureate degree-granting university.  Students meet criteria in 10 areas with 40 required credits minimum using a combination of Concurrent Enrollment and PSEO courses.
  2. Associates Degree.  Students can build upon the MnTC and work toward completion of an Associate in Liberal Arts (A.A) degree from MN West.  Students must earn 20-30 credits beyond the MnTC as outlined in the requirements at MN West.  This can be accomplished while attending Pipestone Area High School or a combination of PAHS and MN West.
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Click here to go to MDE website on College and Career Readiness.  This site outlines information for Advanced Placement, Concurrent Enrollment, International Baccalaureate, Postsecondary Enrollment Options (PSEO).
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