Dear Students and Parents!
Welcome to Pipestone Area Elementary Schools!  We are so happy and excited that you are here!  Please know that we are going to always do what is best for our students who attend our elementary schools.  Students will learn not only what is needed for academics, but also learn skills to help them be productive and helpful citizens.  Our job is to get them prepared for the middle school, high school and for the journey they choose after their high school career. 
Here at Pipestone Area Elementary Schools, we focus on the whole child.  It is imperative to work together as a community, as a school, and with families to ensure our kids get the best opportunities to thrive and learn.  I truly believe it takes a village to raise a child and together we will do that and promise to do what is best for our students that walk through our doors. 
The handbook you receive contains the rules and policies of our school.  Please read through the entire handbook.  You and your students are responsible for knowing the content of this handbook.  Please note that every year there may be some changes.  We will be sure to let you know what they are.  Communication is key for the success of our students! 
We wish you a happy and thriving school year with a lot of positive experiences!  If you have any questions about anything in the handbook or otherwise, please ask your teacher. If he or she cannot answer your question, my door is always open! 
Have an AMAZING school year and I look forward to working with you for a successful year!
Ms. Toni Jo Baartman
Elementary Principal