Pipestone Area Middle School - Learning is the Only Option

Fighting Student Apathy!

Pipestone Area Middle School works to eliminate student apathy and reduce the number of missing assignments students have during the school year in order to increase student learning.  We value this effort because when students complete their assignments with high quality they are giving a true depiction of what they have learned.  In order to accomplish the goal of reducing the number of students with missing or incomplete assignments, we are following the philosophies found in the book The Power of ICU.  One key component is the use of an ICU list.  When a student has missing or incomplete assignments, the teacher puts them on the list.  All staff who work with that student have access to the list.  Therefore, we can work collaboratively to help the student complete their assignment.  Parents/guardians have an integral role as well.  Parents/guardians are contacted when your student is on the ICU list through either a text or email. Throughout the year we will set up study times before, during and after school for students on the ICU list.  In the end, the goal is to end student apathy by providing extra time and extra support for students to complete their assignments with high quality and learn the valuable content.  

To learn more about how PAS is using ICU to improve student learning see the presentation below.