Counseling Services  Counseling Services

Individual Counseling  

Individual counseling consists of working with the student's immediate or near future concerns. Individual counseling can encompass a wide variety of issues including personal, social, and academic concerns. Individual counseling is a one-on-one discussion between the counselor and the student.
Group Counseling 
Group counseling consists of multiple student's facing a similar concern. The group usually consists of 3-8 students with a counselor and sometimes a co-leader. The purpose of group counseling is for the group to work together and work toward a common goal. For example, a group may be formed for a group of students who are struggling with the divorce of their parents. The idea of group counseling is for students to realize they are not the only one experiencing these problems.

Classroom Guidance Counseling
Classroom guidance counseling consists of the counselor going into the classroom setting and addressing a wide variety of topics such as, bullying, conflict resolution, social skills, career exploration, organizational skills, and many more. The purpose for classroom guidance is to engage all the students in a common topic where the students in turn can all work together.
Other Counseling Services may Include
**Consultation & Collaboration
**Referrals to Community Resources
**IEP Teams
**Crisis Management
What is said in a counseling session remains confidential unless:
1. You are hurting yourself.
2. You are hurting stomeone.
3. Someone is hurting you.