Thank you for your interest in teaching a class
with PAS Community Education!

Teaching a class is a great way to share your knowledge and skills with youth and/or adults in our community. We expect you to have a passion for your subject and a level of professionalism that will reflect well on our school and community.

If your proposal is accepted, you will be required to attend a class planning meeting with the Community Education Director. In addition, a criminal background check through Pipestone Area Schools is required (per School District Policy 404). If you need assistance, or have questions regarding the application process, please contact Melany Wellnitz, Community Education Director, at 507-562-6015 or

Community Education is a community service - not a way to make a living, run your business, or sell products. The PAS Community Education Director reserves the right to reject or modify any classes. Selection as an instructor is contingent on the delivery of a quality product, verifiable customer satisfaction, and documented community need. 

How much is the pay?
Instructors can be volunteer or paid positions. Compensation is from class fees (after class materials are paid for).

What will the cost of my class be?
PAS Community Education Enrichment classes desire fees to be as low as possible. Class fees vary by class (type of service, amount of hours, etc.)

How and when should I schedule my class?
Choose a week day(s) and time you are interested in teaching. The Community Education Director will determine if facilities are available to meet your needs. No programming will be scheduled on Sundays. Classes are not held on election nights or during school school vacations. 

Please complete a Class Proposal Form linked below.