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Srsly 3: Can We Say This?
by (PAS)Times on 12/23/2015
Tristan and Sean welcome Zoe to their new discussion on POTUS conspiracy theories. 

Interview with the Librarians
by (PAS)Times on 12/23/2015
Gianna Njau interviews the new librarians.

Christmas Traditions
by (PAS)Times on 12/23/2015
Regan Onken talks about Christmas traditions with Gianna and Tristan.

Picking the Perfect School
by (PAS)Times on 11/30/2015
Length: 00:05:59
Whitney Norberg discusses picking the perfect college and interviews current students for their opinions.

Cheerleading Interview
by (PAS)Times on 10/29/2015
Length: 0:5:54
Gianna Njau interviews Caylee Clipper on the fall cheerleading season.

Cross Country Round Up
by (PAS)Times on 11/30/2015
Length: 00:07:53
Regan Onken talks with Livia Wallace about this year's Cross Country season

emPOWER Interview
by (PAS)Times on 10/29/2015
Length: 0:04:22
Whitney Norberg interviews Shantelle Des Marais on her experiences in the emPOWER program.

Freshmen Speak
by (PAS)Times on 11/17/2015
Gianna Njau interviews freshmen on the year's progression.

Gymnastics Interview
by (PAS)Times on 11/30/2015
Length: 00:03:23
Gianna Njau interviews Maddie Ference about the upcoming gymnastics season.

Halloween Traditions
by (PAS)Times on 10/30/2015
Length: 0:08:33
Regan Onken discusses Halloween's history and costumes with Tristan Bergmann and Gianna Njau.

Marching Band in Review
by (PAS)Times on 10/29/2015
Length: 0:4:30
A review of the marching band season and interviews with the players as reported by Whitney Norberg.

Music Education
by (PAS)Times on 11/30/2015
Length: 00:04:36
Whitney Norberg discusses the importance of music education.

Pipestone Memories
by (PAS)Times on 11/30/2015
Length: 00:06:12
Gianna Njau interviews her grandmother Marlene Arens about her memories of growing up in Pipestone.

Srsly episode 1
by (PAS)Times on 10/29/2015
Length: 0:07:47
An episodic podcast highlight silly or ridiculous news items brought to you by Tristan Bergmann and Sean Roelfsema-Hummel.

Srsly Episode 2: The Banana Factor
by (PAS)Times on 11/17/2015
Length: 0:24:00
Tristan and Sean discuss more strange news including the effect banans have on fate of the world.

Unusual Schools
by (PAS)Times on 10/29/2015
Length: 0:26:58
Regan Onken takes the journalism class on a tour of unusual schools around the world.