Resources & Hotlines

Reaching out to community resources or making a phone call to a nation wide hotline can be the first step in helping yourself or your child. Listed below are some common community resources & nation wide hotline numbers. Please do not hesitate to use any of the resources listed below. Contact me if you are in need of more information regarding the resources provided.

Local Resources: 


Southwestern Minnesota Opportunity Council
(Ph): 507-376-4195
Housing and Redevolopment:
(Ph): 507-825-2558

Family Planning/Pregnancy Education

Pipestone County Medical Center
(Ph): 507-825-5811
Southwestern Minnesota Opportunity Council (SMOC)
(Ph): 507-376-4195 
Southwest Health and Human Services - Public Health
(Ph): 507-825-5024

Food and Nutrition

Food Shelf
(Ph): 507-825-6720
WIC (Women, Infants, Children)
(Ph): 507-825-5024

Clothing/Other Needs

Volunteers in Mercy
(Ph): 507-215-0155 

Counseling/Support Groups

Southwest Crisis Center
(Ph): 507-825-5688
Lutheran Social Services
(Ph): 507-836-8291

Parenting Information

Family Education (ECFE)
(Ph): 507-825-5861
(Ph:) 507-825-4347
Pipestone Community Library
(Ph): 507-825-5005


National Safety Council
(Ph): 800-621-7619
Suicide Hotline
(Ph): 800-992-1716
Child Help National Abuse Hotline
(Ph): 800-442-4453
Youth Crisis Hotline
(Ph): 800-448-4663