Welcome to the Pipestone Area Middle School
Principal - Cory Strasser
Dean of Students - Jeff Schelhaas
Secretary - Cassondra Whipple

Pipestone Area Middle School is a Power of ICU Spotlight School and comprised of grades 5-8 with an enrollment of approximately 330 students. The school operates on seven 50-minute class periods.  Pipestone Area Middle School is committed to improving achievement for all students through a focus on 21st Century Learning, specifically learning the 4 C’s of communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking along with standards based learning.  A Learning Center is available for students to receive specialized learning. Communication of learning is kept up through our TIES student information system and the Power of ICU notification system. Teachers utilize technology that accelerates learning with programs like Schoology, (PLATO), MyOn Reader and Study Island. Each classroom is equipped with a Smart Board and corresponding software and technology.  A full service library along with multiple PC labs and iPad mobile labs are available.  PAS’s modern facilities include a 1775 seat gymnasium, 200 seat auxiliary gymnasium, 630 seat auditorium, and an attached community library.

Pipestone Area Middle School Profile

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