Welcome to Pipestone Middle and High School!

This is my 13th year as the Middle and High School Principal at Pipestone Area Schools. Each day I get the privilege to work with a great staff and do great things in teaching and learning for the students of PAS. At PAS you will find a dedicated and knowledgeable staff. They are committed to providing a great education for all students while making PAS a great place to learn and grow. Our staff has committed to increasing student achievement and social and emotional learning consistent with our districts vision and goals. These are essential values and what we work on each day. 
PAS is a great school!  Learn about the middle school and high school throughout this website. Take advantage of our school app for updates and relevant information at the tip of your finger. It's a great day to be an Arrow and live like an Arrow!
Dr. Cory Strasser
Middle/High School Principal
                                                                     Phone: 507-825-5861


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