Homeschool Information

Homeschool parents do everything that traditional school administrators and teachers do, but in the context of their home. This means planning what students learn, choosing appropriate curriculum, keeping all records, managing costs and assuring the quality and scope of their student's education. When students graduate from homeschool, they receive a homeschool diploma/transcript, just as they would from other private/public schools.

In accordance with Minnesota state law, Pipestone Area Schools, ISD 2689, is required to ensure that all school-age children living within the district’s boundaries are being educated. The district’s primary role is to provide the necessary information and forms to each homeschool for compliance and documentation. The district has no educational records of students who have been homeschooled. Likewise, the district does not verify or certify any homeschool diploma or transcript.

The following information is mandatory and must be submitted to the District Office by October 1 of each year. Deadlines for returning all forms to the School District are set by the MN Department of Education. If complete information is not received, the district must report the homeschool as "not compliant" in its report to the state of Minnesota:


Letters will be mailed in early August to known homeschool families in the district, reminding families to complete the required documents (links below). Paperwork can be downloaded, printed and then mailed, emailed or dropped off in person to:

Pipestone Area Schools, District Office
Attention: Deb Peschon
1401 7th St SW
Pipestone, MN 56164
507-562-6068 (Ext 1)

If you would like a complete packet mailed to your home, you may request it by calling the number above. 

Please note that Minnesota laws related to homeschooling changed significantly in July 2011 and 2014. Minnesota homeschools are encouraged to carefully review Homeschool Information for Parents provided by the Minnesota Department of Education. For specific questions, call MDE directly at 651-582-8200.

New to Homeschooling

Returning Families Optional Forms
  • If you wish to participate in the MDE nonpublic pupil aid program, you must fill out the Nonpublic Pupil Aid Request to get reimbursed for textbooks/tests. If this document is not received by the October 1st deadline, we are unable to reimburse for any purchases.  Please remember all items become the property of Pipestone Area Schools.  The entitlement for the 2021-22 school year for textbooks, standardized tests, and individualized instructional materials is $79.13 per eligible pupil.  Receipts for items you purchased must be sent to our office no later than February 15th, 2022.  Remember, the materials have to be purchased after July 1, 2021 and used in this school year.