Parents/Guardians of PAS students:

We are sending out a statement concerning e-Learning days.  When we have a winter like this and it is unexpected, there is a lot of frustration.  We, as school staff, are frustrated as well and we know you are too! Please know that Mr. Enerson is going to use some discretion when calling off school and choosing to do e-Learning days.  

In regards to some concerns and some confusion over the 2 hour time-frame to notify parents - this is pertaining to the fact that when we call an e-Learning day, the teachers have 2 hours to get things off and running so that we can continue our learning.  With the winter how it has been so far, we are asking for your understanding and flexibility - we are all learning together! If you have any questions related to our e-Learning days, please feel free to contact the district office.  

Again, thank you for your understanding and flexibility - we can do this together!

~Principal Baartman and Principal Strasser


Contact: ilsel