At the September 24, 2018 School Board Meeting, the 2018-2019 Goals for Pipestone Area Schools were approved by the board. 

Goal 1:  High Academic Achievement for Each Learner

  • Improve MCA math and reading performance at each grade level to the state average
    • Work to align curriculum and standards
    • Provide professional development and coaching for teachers
    • Ensure children in our communities are ready for Kindergarten
  • The percentage of 3rd grade students who are proficient in Reading on the MCA will increase from current proficiency of 51.8% to 90% by 2022.
  • By 2022, the percentage of students in Free Reduced Price lunch (FRP) student group will increase from current proficiency level of 39.7% to 50% as measured by MCA in Reading.
  • By 2022, the percentage of students in (FRP) student group will increase from current proficiency level of 29.3% to 45% as measured by MCA in Math.
  • Increase the five-year average district ACT Composite score from 21.2 to 22.5 by 2022.
    • Provide opportunities for students to practice and prepare
  • Support and Expand Career and Technical Education opportunities
  • Graduation Rate
    • Ensure students are college or career ready at graduation
    • Strive for 100% graduation rate

Goal 2:  Effective School Leadership to Ensure Highly Effective Schools

  • Accountability
    • Follow communication chain of command (Stay within roles)
    • Establish goals and expectations
      • District, Building, Classroom
    • Assume Positive Intention
  • Communication
    • Keep all stakeholders informed of school district issues
  • Provide appropriate technology to staff and students
  • Fiscal Responsibility
    • Maintain fund balance in accordance with policy
    • Prioritize expenditures based upon needs determined by the school board

Goal 3:  Engage Community with the School District

  • Communication
    • Schools will take every opportunity to keep community informed
      • Web-site, newspaper, radio, local cable, social media, etc.
    • Schools will actively listen and solicit feedback from all stakeholders
  • Partnerships
    • School and Community will search for ways to partner to enhance student learning through college and career readiness opportunities.
  • Ensure District is a safe place and provide great facilities for learning
    • Elementary Facilities Solutions
    • School Safety Enhancements