Pipestone Area Schools will be having a Special Election on April 9, 2019.  This election is for approval of school building bonds for a new PreK-5 Elementary School and approval of school building bonds for security improvements at the Middle/High School.  

Facility Assessment Study
Pipestone Area Schools contracted ISG in the spring of 2017 to do a study of school district facilities, in order to develop a justifiable 10-year Long Term Facility Maintenance Plan.  View the Facility Assessment Study  

Community Survey Results
In the Fall of 2018, residents in District 2689 were given an opportunity to complete a survey on two potential options, to build a new elementary school or to update the existing elementary schools.  View survey results

Notice of Special Election

Tax Impact Calculator
Estimate how property taxes will be affected using the Tax Impact Calculator
You will need to know the Estimated Market Value of your property and when entering agriculture information, please enter acres in whole number form.

If you have any questions, please contact Superintendent Kevin Enerson at 507-562-6068.