Pipestone Area Schools is investigating the potential of remodeling and/or adding new facility space in the district.  During the fall of 2017, the district hired the firm ISG to do a facility assessment on the elementary schools and the middle/high school.  You can view the detailed results of the study here.  The list of prioritized tasks by building can be viewed here

Pipestone Area Schools is now in the process of recruiting 20-30 interested residents to serve on the Community Task Force on Facilities.  This task force will study the district facilities, with help from ISG's expertise, to develop a comprehensive facilities plan to aid the district in adopting the following goals:

  •                Create facilities that meet education needs of students and staff.
  •                Create facilities that operate as efficiently as possible.
  •                Provides for school safety and maintenance needs.

The task force meetings will be held at Pipestone Area Schools.  Attendance at all meetings is imperative to the work of the task force.  If you are interested, apply here.  Applications are due by May 1.