Main Course Page

Here's a peek at what we will be doing in 8th grade Language Arts!
We will be working on several writing projects throughout the year.  You will be expected to follow the steps of the writing process for each project.  Several writing selections will be placed in each student's writing portfolio.
You are required to read at least 200 pages each quarter.  Near the end of the quarter you will be expected to prepare and present a book share or a book project.  You must have a library card too.
Special Units
We will be learning and exploring several units throughout the year.  They include:
Novels - We will read two novels together as a class.
Authors - We will learn about Mark Twain, Jack London, and others.
Short stories - Fiction and non fiction stories.
Poetry - We will put together a booklet of your favorite poems.
Newspaper skills - You will put together your own front page.
Drama - We will read a very special play about Anne Frank.
Favorites - Holocaust unit, Strange goings-on unit, and partner reading.
Others - Vocabulary, grammar, and public speaking. 
All grades are based on the point system below and grades will be assigned according to percentage of total points tallied for each quarter.
A = 92-100%
B = 83-91%
C = 74-82%
D = 65-73%
F = 64% and below
I'm confident we will have a terrific school year together!