Main Course Page

Class description for 7th grade language arts
*We will be working through several writing workshops throughout the year.  You will be expected to follow the steps of the writing process for each project. 
*We will also be journaling this year.
*Read at least 175 pages per quarter.  Near the end of each quarter, you will be expeceted to prepare and present a book share or a book project.
*We will have a reading workshop every other Friday.
*Students are expected to have a library card.
Special Units
*We will be working on several special units throughout the year.
   The Great Depression
   Fiction & Non-fiction stories
   The Homeless
   Myths, tales, and fables
   Speeches & presentations
   Spelling & vocabulary
*All grades are based on a point system and grades will be assigned according to percentage of total points tallied for each quarter.
Let's have a terrific year together!