Past Due Assignments



Date Due: 11/29/2016

Science Study Guide
Chapter 3
  • Know the difference between vertebrate and invertebrate (page B8), be able to name an animal example of each.
  • Be able to explain the three types of symmetry. (pages B8-B9) Radial, bilateral and no symmetry (Know an animal example of each.)
  • Know the difference between an exoskeleton and an endoskeleton. (pageB20 &B21)
  • Name three phyla of worms. (pages B18 &B19)
  • Which is the most complex of the worms?
  • Know the difference between warm blooded and cold blooded. (Page B 28)
  • Which group of vertebrate lives on both land and water during their life? (B31)
  • Be able to recognize the major differences in characteristics between the following vertebrates: mammals, reptiles & birds. (page B32-B35)
  • Spiders belong to what class of arthropods? (page B21)
  • Name a couple of animals that belong to the crustaceans. (Page B22)
  • A phylum is a smaller group of animals that share a characteristic.
  • Animals get their energy from food.



Date Assigned: 10/04/2016 Date Due: 11/05/2016

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