Mrs. Reinhard’s Class Information
  • Ask Questions: If you have concerns or questions about anything going on in class, please feel free to call school 825-6763 or in case of an emergency my cell 507-456-8269 or you can always email me at any time. If something is not working, I am more than willing to talk and welcome feedback.
  • Classroom Management: I will be using Class Dojo an electronic behavior management system where I will monitor positive and negative behaviors in class. Students will be able to visually see where they are at throughout the day and how many points they have earned. Parents can also check behavior at home and discuss with their child. Each student will track their points and be able to use their points to buy rewards at the end of the month. Please check and sign your child’s behavior chart in their binder daily.
  • Student Binders: Each student will have a binder that they will be responsible to take home their work in daily. It will have newsletters, homework, schedules, a behavior chart, and any completed work. Please be sure to check this folder daily and sign behavior chart.
  • Homework:
*Spelling: Each week there will be a bingo chart that needs to be completed by Friday. You must complete three activities on the chart and staple with your name on it.
*Reading Log: Each month students need to complete a reading log with a goal for the month. You can keep this in your binder or at home, but you should be trying to read 15 minutes 5 times a week. Return reading log when complete for a reward. This can be done a variety of ways including partner reading, reading to them, reading aloud, or reading silently.
  • Dismissal: I need a note, phone call, or email from you if you want your child to do anything different than what they normally do after school. If you email me, make sure I reply back, if I don’t please call to double check. I cannot go by word of mouth from your child.
  • Milk Break: Your child can sign up to have milk break or bring a water bottle. If you choose to send water bottle please do not send a water bottle with a twist off lid. It also works best to have something around the outside of your water bottle to keep it from sweating all over your papers.
  • Snacks: If your child would like to bring a snack for break they can bring something in their backpack daily, please no candy or anything to messy. If you want to bring a snack for your child’s birthday to share with the class, it must be a store bought item. Please don’t send invitations to school, invitations should be sent from home.
  • Book Orders: I will be sending home book orders throughout the year. If you decide to order you can order online or send cash/check.
  • Help for Our School: We are collecting Box Tops for Education, Pizza Ranch Wagon Wheels, Hank’s/Coborn’s Receipts, and Labels for Learning. Please send these to school with your child.
  • Volunteers: Let me know if you would like to volunteer in the classroom I will be looking for people throughout the year.
If you have questions on anything please feel free to contact me at any time. I am looking forward to a great year.

Mrs. Reinhard