Helping Your Child
     Your child should bring home a folder to school every day and bring it home every night.  Please take time to go through the papers with your child.  Ask him/her to read the sentences on some of the papers, spell some of the words, or give them a few of the math problems to solve.  .   

     A child's ability to read is the biggest indicator of academic success.  No activity does more to prepare a child to be successful than being read to and discussing the story.  Please try to find time to read to your child every day and talk about the story.  Readers are leaders!
     The new reading vocabulary words and sentences are sent home weekly.  Please have your child practice reading these several times so they know them well and can read them fluently with expression.  It is also wise to review words sent home in previous weeks.  Two short take-home books for each story will also be sent home for practice. 
     Beginning learners write to read and read to write.  Instead of telling your child what you are having for a meal or asking them a question, write it down and have your child write their response.  They should be able to start sentences with capital letters and end the sentences with a period.  We use fingerspelling to spell words the best we can.  This is great practice and is another way to communicate with your child.  Remember to talk "with" your child, not "at" him/her.  This will develop their vocabulary as well as their listening skills.
Knowledge is power!     Readers are leaders!

Look, listen, learn!