Show and Tell Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Kenadie Andres Lineshka Mataya Austin
Trey Arianna Nicole Aryanna Carmen
Isabella Olivia Haven Keaton Caiya
Matt Marissa Owen Leonardo MaKaden
Sefora   Braden    



Children are assigned a specific day of the week to bring their show and tell. Their day will remain the same for the entire year. Each child will give the class three clues about what they have hidden in their backpack and the class will try to guess what it is. All children are expected to participate.

Show and tell will help students develop:

*Oral language skills (stating clues in a complete sentence, asking questions)

*Social skills (listening attentively, raising hands to speak, waiting to be called upon)

*Problem solving

*Associating beginning letters and sounds to objects


Reminder for parents:

*If your child is absent or forgets to bring their show and tell, they may bring it the following day they are at school. If there is no school or there is a scheduled field trip on your child’s scheduled show and tell day, there will be no show and tell.

*Please assist your child to find an object that is meaningful to them that begins with the letter of the week, and to practice orally stating their clues.


Toys policy:

*Children often like to share their favorite toys. This is fine, but please remember to keep toy guns and interactive games/TV toys at home. These types of toys can disrupt our class learning environment. Thank you for your cooperation.