all about 3rd grade

~ Binders/Homework: This will be our daily method of communication and will go to/from school daily.
  1. Notes - Please look for notes or write notes to me (be sure to include the date).
  2. Spelling - Spelling worksheets are due THURSDAY. Their Spelling test is also on Thursday - if they miss any words they will re-take on Friday. They will receive the higher grade of the two. There is a packet of their spelling lists for the entire year at the back of their binder.
  3. Vocabulary - They will have a quiz over these words on Thursday. Please study with your child at home.
  4. Monthly Reading Logs - They can read 15 minutes on 23 nights or any other combination to total 345 minutes per month. These are due the first school day of the following month.
  5. Math Facts Log Sheet - The goal each week is to practice their math facts 5 times per week. They can study by doing flashcards, by doing any math apps to practice facts (Quick Math is a good one), or by doing any other computer based programs to practice their facts, such as Reflex Math. Mrs. Zupp's website also has good programs to practice on.
  6. Passwords - These passwords can be used to practice skills at home.

~ Remind:
Text To: 81010
Message: @levans1

~ Discipline:
  1. Class Reward System - the class can earn tallies (or I can earn tallies) depending on their behavior as a class. At the end of the day, if the students have more tallies than me (which is what we want) they will get a puzzle piece. Once they earn all of the pieces, the class earns a reward. We vote on the reward as a class.
  2. Individual Reward System - at the beginning of each week, the children will get tickets for the number of school days in that week. They can also earn (or lose) tickets throughout the week. At the end of each month, the children are allowed to either redeem or save their tickets. They can "spend" their tickets on things such as pencils, erasers, extra i-Pad time, or show and tell.

~ Absent/Sick:
If you know your child has an appointment, you can send a note prior to the appointment or give Colleen a call. If your child is sick, please contact Colleen right away in the
morning so that your child is accounted for. The office number is 825-6763. You can also e-mail her If you choose to do that, you can add my name to the e-mail as well.

~ Grading Scale:
Click Here if you would like a copy of the grading scale.

~ Birthdays:
If your child would like to bring treats on their birthday to share with the class, they may, but do not have to. If they choose to bring something, the treat needs to be purchased at a store. No homemade items are allowed to be brought in due to food allergies. If your child has a summer birthday, we will celebrate their half-birthday at school. This year we have 23 students in our class.

~ Book Orders:
Book order forms will be sent home approximately one time per month. You are under NO obligation to purchase any books. If you are interested, you can order books in two ways:
1.) fill out the form and send it back to school with your child. Please make checks payable to "Scholastic Book Clubs". Please do not send cash.
2.) You can order online with a credit card. You will need to set up an account at - our class code is LKTF4. After you submit an order I will receive an e-mail and will place the order with the rest of the class orders. Your child's books will be delivered to me at school.