water lilies    Mrs. Slinger
Reading Specialist
Room No- 107
Email:  bev.slinger@pas.k12.mn.us
(507) 825-6756
Welcome! I have experience teaching in several areas within Pipestone's school district. I have taught in Special Education, Title Reading along with Reading Recovery in first and second grade, First grade, and  Kindergarten.  This year, I am lucky to be teaching Reading once again. I will be working with children in First grade who need an extra boost to become successful readers. We no longer have the Reading Recovery program, but I will continue to use much of the program's strategies. I look forward to helping children love books.

We will have an Awesome year reading!  
Mrs. Slinger
        Lunch times - If you wish to eat lunch with your child, please let the office (Lori) know by 9:00a.m..