Hello from Brown School music!
I am happy to have you reading this page! The school year promises to be an exciting year filled with new musical experiences for the young child!  This introductory letter is a general overview of the classroom and a little about the teacher!
We are excited to announce that music education has a classroom this year.  This will allow us to use instruments and move about much more freely than in past years. The equipment  is includes  many Orff instruments, an electronic piano, quality stereo, and great speakers to listen to recorded music. We at Pipestone Area Schools are also fortunate to have a great variety of quality rhythm instruments.
The music skills taught through a system of music educational commonly referred to as the Orff/Kolday system. Students are introduced to music reading concepts using icons that match skills we are introducing.  Along with this I teach using First Steps in Music by John Feierabend.  This program has much success teaching children to be tuneful, artful, and beatful,
Singing is the main vehicle of music at this age. We sing simple songs with sol-mi relationships and then introduce the major scale in first grade.
The children are also enjoy a variety of recorded music and songs from the 2007 Silver Burdett music series. This uses music from diverse populations and generes.
Movement is very important in the development of the young child. Exploration of movements such as walking, marching, jumping, hopping, skipping, and galloping are used to help children discover the many styles of music. 
Two concerts are performed each year in the High School Auditorium. The Holiday Concert will be on December 18 at 6:30 for Kindergarten students and 7:30 for the First Graders.  The Spring Concert will be held on May 23, 2019 also at 6:30 for Kindergarten and 7:30 for the First graders.   . We are fortunate to have a beautiful theatre at the high school that we use to perform our concerts. The concerts are always a work in progress and feature different skills that we have practiced during the previous months.
Both the National and the Minnesota state standards are embedded in the curriculum here at PAS. We hope to continue to develop musicians that are both performers and audiences as adults.
I am a graduate of Northern State University in Aberdeen South Dakota. I hold teaching certificates in classroom and vocal music education K-12. In conjunction I am a pianist and organist. I also direct the Adult Choir and am an organist at St. Paul Lutheran Church in Pipestone. I am  a current member of National Association for Music Education, Minnesota Music Education Association and American Choral Director's Association. I have had the privilege of serving as a teacher on the Midwest Music Ambassador's European Tour.
At PAS I am currently teaching K and first grade general music and instrumental lessons at the high school level. 
My duties also include teaching music at Heartland Colony. I accompany  many high school solos for contest.
It is my pleasure to work with the students of this fine community. The support of Pipestone in music education is the reason for the many successes in music education this school has enjoyed!
Mrs. Pamela Kruse

Contact: Pam Kruse