Social Skills & Friendship Groups

A fun part of my job is running various groups for students of which students can be involved. This year I plan to continue offering social and friendship skill groups throughout the year. We will go over topics like sharing, communicating, and handling emotions. Groups are a wonderful way for students to learn from and with their peers.

Morganette (1994) states that groups are valuable because:

1. Groups are children's natural medium for playing and learning.
2. Groups provide a safe and accepting environment to practice new behaviors.
3. Groups offer role models for positive attitudes, social values, and behaviors.
4. Groups show how working together is important and provide models for giving and receiving help.
5. Groups are a place in which children can learn to tolerate and respect others' differences as well as to empathize with others.
6. Groups teach children how to trust and how to share attitudes and feelings.

If you think you child could benefit from group practice, please contact me and/or fill out a permission form and return it to your child's teacher to give to me.

Morganette, R.S. (1994).Skills for living: Group counseling activities for elementary students. Champaign,IL: Research Press.