Exercise, fresh air and play are important components in the daily routines of our students.  As the weather changes to cooler temperatures, it is important that students come to school in appropriate clothing. Students will spend time outside in the morning and for noon recess every day except for rainy or extremely cold conditions. In general, students will stay indoors if the Fahrenheit temperature or wind chill value (RealFeel) is BELOW zero.  Pipestone Schools uses the AccuWeather.com website for their weather information.  Playground supervisors may cancel outside recess if weather conditions deteriorate and students are already on the playground. The school recommends that students wear snow pants and boots.  If parents need assistance in obtaining winter clothing like hats, mittens and other clothing needs, please contact your student’s teacher.   Students who do not wear boots will be required to stay on designated areas (cemented area).  If you do not want your son/daughter to go outside due to an illness, we ask that you send a note or call the office first thing in the morning.
If you have questions or concerns regarding this policy, contact  Ms. Baartman Accuweather