Pathways Summer School 2018

Pipestone Area High School, in conjunction with Red Rock Ridge Alternative Learning Center and the Southwest Service Cooperative, offers Pathways Summer School for High School students.  Students meeting the Graduation Incentives Criteria in Minnesota Statute 124D.128 have various needs for credit recovery or specific learning interventions.  The program is allowed under Minnesota Statutes 126C.05 which explains extended learning opportunities for students.  Pathways Summer School utilizes online learning curriculum and teacher developed curriculum with direct instruction and supervision from highly qualified staff.

Pathways – High School Courses Available – Grades 9-12 – Other courses may be available
Physical Science Chemistry
World History American History
Economics Social Studies Electives

Orientation Day:  Monday, June 18th, 9:00 AM.  This is a mandatory day for students to meet the staff, sign up for courses and receive training on how to learn with online content.  Parents are encouraged to attend.  All applications are due at this time.
Time/Attendance:   One session held daily.  Students are expected to attend the session each day for a minimum of 24 hours on-site instruction and supervision. Students who are late (10-15 minutes) to the session or who miss the session 3 or more times will be dropped from their course and need to re-take the course during the next school year.
Session: 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM
Dates: June 18 – July 27; Monday through Thursday.  *No session on July 4 or 5.
Location: PAS High School.  Location may vary but will start in 1st Floor Computer lab.
Continual Learning Plan (CLP)
Each student enrolled in Pathways Summer School will have a continual learning plan created with the student, teacher and counselor.
Snacks are available as provided by the PAS food service around 10 AM.
For information regarding registration contact:
  • Cory Strasser, Principal or Ellen Dulas, Counselor.
  • Information and Applications can be found on the HS webpage and in the HS office.