PAS Backpack Program

 The PAS Backpack Program provides food for kids for the weekend and school breaks. This is an amazing program that meets the nutritional needs of so many of our youth. The program is looking for donations. Please consider donating if you are able. You can send food items labeled for donation with your child to school, and staff will ensure they get to the right place. They will accept the following food donations: 

~Nutrigrain Bars
~Individual packages of Instant Oatmeal
~Individual serving packages of applesauce, fruit, pudding
~Granola bars
~Fruit snacks
~100% juice juice boxes
~Easy Mac
~Single serve cans:  Spaghetti, soup, chili, tuna, beef stew, etc.
~Individual packages peanut butter or cheese crackers
~Pop tarts
 If you are interested in receiving a backpack for your child, please ask for a form from the school. Thank you for your support of this very important program!